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Latest Decision of Abia State Committee on COVID-19


The Abia State Committee on COVID-19 met with the Governor and Resolved as follows

Highlights of the Resolutions of the Abia State Inter-Ministerial Committee on COVID-19 Meeting Chaired by Governor Okezie Ikpeazu on Tuesday, 12th May, 2020 at the Banquet Hall of Government House Umuahia.

  1. The meeting expressed appreciation to the medics and other support staff managing the remaining index COVID-19 patient in the state who is in a clinical stable condition with oxygen saturation above 94 for a period of time now while the second index case has been discharged from isolation after successful management.
  2. The meeting expressed appreciation to God that all medics and close family members that cared for the index cases in the state have been confirmed COVID-19 negative by NCDC and urges all health workers in the state to maintain high index of suspicion on COVID-19 and take necessary measures to protect themselves while the state government continues to motivate them.
  3. With ongoing statewide coronavirus case search by the medical rapid response team, the meeting urged all Abians to cooperate with the team, report suspected cases and ensure that those who may be suffering from the disease call 0700 2242 362 to get immediate attention.
  4. The Committee commended markets in the state that have fully complied with the guidelines on compulsory wearing of face masks by both buyers and sellers, provision of running water and soap for hand washing and maintenance of social distance. It warned that non complying markets risk immediate closure as a covert monitoring team has been dispatched to ascertain the level of compliance in all markets in the state.
  5. The meeting called for personal and collective responsibility by all citizens and residents to ensure victory in this war against COViD-19.
  6. The meeting resolved to ensure stricter enforcement of inter-state border closure and calls on all local government chairmen to lead in monitoring the security of inter-state borders around their areas.
  7. Committee warned all operators of commercial vehicles used for inter-state transport to halt operation immediately or risk impoundment of their vehicles, closure of relevant parks without further warning and prosecution of the drivers.

The report on Gallopin Transport Company in Aba alleged to be loading inter-state passengers was considered and passed to the enforcement team for immediate investigation and necessary actions if found to be correct.

  1. The meeting warned that the state is ready to close all livestock markets immediately if any further report is received on human cargoes stowed away in vehicles transporting cattle and/or food items to the state.
  2. The meeting also warned traders at Uratta yam and onions market in Aba to fully abide by the issued guidelines or risk immediate closure of the market without further warning.
  3. The meeting identified aggressive agricultural engagement as the only way out of a major food crises in the state next year and called on all Abians to use the current lockdown window to engage in agricultural activities as the government plans new food storage and processing facilities in the state.

Thank you.

Chief John Okiyi Kalu
Honorable Commissioner for Information, Abia State


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